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What does your donation go toward?

Medical supplies: Chinese and Westerns medicinal herbs, acupuncture needles, moxa, gloves, sharps containers, wound care supplies, other medical supplies and equipment.

In Country Expenses: Visas, living expenses, interpreters, clinic staff, clinic operational costs, transportation, etc.

Domestic Expenses: Education, website, brochures, postage, administrative & legal fees, paperwork and documents for foreign countries.

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Featured Case Study

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke Sequelae Hemorrhagic Stroke Sequelae
    Joy Earl, LAc, MAcOM
    November 2013

    Fifty-three year old male presents with right-sided hemiplegia following a hemorrhagic...

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Your Donations Help

In addition to volunteering their time and energy, our practitioners are required to raise the money it takes to support their efforts at our clinic. Please consider helping them by making a tax deductible donation in their name.

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